Equipment inside our facility

Baysek Flat die cutter

Max: 54x66

Min: 19x19

Post Folder Gluer

Max: 90x90

Rotary die cutter (2C)

Max: 66x110

Min: 20x23 1/2

Partition Slotter

Max: 16x60

 Min: 6x8


Max: 120 width

Band Saw

 Max: 45 width

Multiple saw

Max: 47 Width

Milwaukee Chipboard 

Max: 19 1/4x30

Min: 1 1/2x5

Edge Sweets Vertical Band Saw

Max: 104x40x48

Min: 5 1/2x5 1/2x1


Edge Sweets Horizontal Band Saw

Max: 104x70x50

Min: 50x8x5


Foam Flat Die Cutter (Hudson Machinery)

Max: 25x25

Min: 10x10


Max: 25x25

Min: 12x12


Hot Wire foam cutter

Max: 90x50

Min: 3x2


Bag Machine 

Max: 24x24

Min: 10x10

Partition Assembler (PPCM Inc.)

Max: 24x24x14

Min: 6x6x3 1/2

Table Saw

Max: 18x100

Min: 1 9/16x100


Foam Flat Die Cutter

Max: 19x19

Min: 10x10


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